• Bludallas appies our product knowledge of owning, managing & brokering real estate within the Dallas/ Market toward assisting Investment groups and individuals to make safe & profitable financial decisions.
    • Property Analysis - Run Comparable reports of Active, Pending & Sold Properties.
    • List & Market - Appoint an experienced agent to market & sell your property.
    • Buy - Find Off Market Listings & negotiate the terms of the sale.
    • Financing - Obtain Purchase, Rehab & Construction loans
    • Contracts - Provide TREC & TAR Approved Contracts for Lease/Sale.
    • Title Company - Access to preferred Escrow Officer(s) & Attorneys.
    • Insurance - Access to preferred insurance agent(s) to obtain the best policy.
    • Inspection - Access to preferred Property Inspector(s).
    • Closing/ Funding - Coordinate the sale to a seamless transaction for both parties.


  • Bludallas utilizes the latest technology to seamlessly manage investment properties including commercial strip centers, business offices, medical offices, & Multi-Family Apartment Complexes.
    • ​Rental Analysis - Run Comparable reports of Active, Pending & Leased units.
    • Business Plan - Create & discuss long term and short term project goals.
    • List & Market - Appoint an experienced agent to market & Lease Vacant units.
    • Lease Contracts - Coordinate signing of TREC & TAR Approved Lease Contract.
    • Income - Monthly rents may be collected  or passed through to owner.
    • Expenses - Coordinate a bills are paid or passed through to owner.
    • Repair/Make Ready- Repairs can be handled by maintenance staff or professional.
    • Evictions - Attend court meetings on your behalf to process evictions.


    • Consulting in Lot Acquisition - Find the perfect lot for your needs.
    • Negotiate the terms of the sale - Price, Closing Date, Feasibility period, etc.
    • Investment Analysis - Run Comparable reports of Active, Pending & Sold Properties.
    • Obtain Financing - Lot & Construction Combined Loans, Rehab Loans, etc.
    • Phase  Development Studies -  Zoning,Restrictions, Blue prints, etc.
    • Create Design - Access to preferred Architectural Engineers as low as $.85/psf
    • General Contractor - Appoint the appropriate GC for the project.
    • Permits - Obtain approved permits & building plans
    • Construction - Lender Approved Contractors 
    • List & Sell Property - Appoint experienced agent(s) to market & sell end product.
    • Negotiate the terms of the sale - Price, Seller Contributions, Upgrades, etc.
    • Re-Finance - Provide refinance options if not for immediate resale.
    • List & Lease Property - Property Manage & Lease Individual Units.​​

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